I’m Tasha and I’m a Christian woman in her 30s in the UK who suffers from chronic illness and disability. At the minute I am diagnosed with severe ME, Fibromyalgia, POTS, PCOS, IBS, left pelvic kidney and suffer from other autonomic issues and waiting for testing and diagnosis for some things that are being investigated. I’m starting this blog so that people can see how my life is as a Christian with a chronic illness. I want to be really honest about how my day to day life is, the good and the bad. I will be sharing the struggles that I face and sharing the things that get me down as well as the things that God is and has been doing throughout this time. I have down days but I have found that worship has been such an amazing way of coping and that God is God and deserves to be praised in the storm or the calm. I got the inspiration for the song from one of my favourite bands, Casting Crowns who I got to see live at Big Church day Out last year. I hope this will be a real honest blog and that people will get an insight into how life is for someone like me and see how God has and is working in and through me.


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