Exciting times!

I did plan on just doing this blog once a week but think I will just do it when I feel like it. I couldn’t wait to do this one as had a bad couple of days but then an amazing couple of days.

Well the bad ones were first. I have had trouble with neighbours for a very long time but for a while it settled down for a bit but recently has started up again. my cat got chased by my neighbour’s dog and got hurt. he is ok now but he was in shock and so scared. The dog’s owner was told a few months ago that they must keep it on a lead, he had been encouraging it to attack my cat and let it wander off up the road where it could get run over and basically not being a responsible owner. It was making my heart bad and I just got abuse from them about it. For a while they kept it on a lead but the last couple of weeks have started letting it off again and then merlin got hurt. Sunday night he was out there with his friend and the dog was off the lead so I took a video of it off the lead as evidence and then him and his mate started threatening me. I was so angry about Merlin having got hurt that I lost it and started shouting at them which they like as it gets a reaction which is what they are after. they have threatened to burn my flat, smash my windows and my car so I reported it to the police. This made my POTS worse and my heart rate got very high so I called 111 wanting to ask a doctor if I could take extra beta blockers and if this would help but instead they insisted on calling an ambulance which I didn’t want. ECG later that said I was tachycardic which I already knew, I always am and I said I didn’t want to go to hospital so was a waste of time. I was o poorly Monday as well because it.

I had been looking forward to Tuesday because I was having 2 friends over for a girlie night and I was also having an OT assessment from social services during the afternoon. The OT assessment went really well and she was lovely. Then in the evening my friends came round and I got my toenails and fingernails painted and sparkly things on them. we had cocktails, rather too many for me I think lol, and nibbles and birthday cake as it was my friend’s birthday. It was such a lovely evening and so good to have some company.

Well I had been talking to my OT and she wasn’t happy that I hadn’t been moved and that I was still a band c which goes against their own criteria so she was gonna write another letter to the council housing about it but then I woke up today to find a letter from ability housing trust. I had applied for a flat/bungalow a few weeks ago which I really wanted but hadn’t heard anything so assumed I hadn’t got it. well now it looks like I will be moving in about 3 weeks. They are sending someone round on Tuesday to check that I do actually meet their criteria, am disabled, use a wheelchair, need to move as where I am isn’t safe etc and to chat about the tenancy and stuff and then I will go and view and then decide if I want it. I already know I want it though! It is in the area that I wanted, near friends, is a purpose built wheelchair adapted place so will be perfect for my needs, it is in a quiet close with just the disabled bungalows, perfect for my cat as it is quiet and has woods at the back. as a tenant I will also be able to take advantage of the support that they offer and their office is in the same close. My OT is also applying to a charity for me to try and get me an electric wheelchair so am hopeful about that too and would makes such a big difference. For so long I have felt like my life is on hold but now I feel like I am getting it back a bit. I’m struggling physically today as I had friends round last night so can’t do much but I knew it would be the case but sometimes you just have to do things and pay the price or you never get out or have any fun at all.

My parents said they would like to come and help me move but we found out a couple of weeks ago that my Dad has prostate cancer so depending on results and treatment they may not be able to make it. he had the bone scan results back and they are clear praise God so it hasn’t spread there. he’s having an MRI on the 12th I think and that will tell if it has spread or is contained so we are hoping it hasn’t spread and praying loads about it all. Prayers for my family would be good. my Mumis poorly too and my dad is her carer so it’s going to be tough fo


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